Terms of use, processing of personal data

Terms and Conditions

Skanska grants permission to reproduce the content on Skanska’s Brand Hub such as the Skanska logo, colors, typeface, typography, icons and illustrations (the “material”) free of charge according to the following conditions:


The material may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Unauthorized use or distribution of the material may violate copyright and/or other Swedish or international intellectual property law and may be subject to legal action.


All material is the property of Skanska or is included with the permission of the relevant owner. The user acquires a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use material from Skanska’s Brand Hub. The material may not be assigned, licensed, rented or otherwise copied or distributed to third parties.


The material may be used solely for the purpose of informing, selling, marketing, advertising or otherwise promoting of Skanska and its brand and business. The material may not be used for any other commercial or other purpose (such as press releases or other publications, advertising or business campaigns) without the prior written permission from Skanska’s Core Corporate Function Communications.


The material may not be used in any manner inconsistent with Swedish or international law. Further, the material may not be used in a manner that can be perceived as offensive or may otherwise be perceived as inappropriate. The material may not be used if manipulated or deployed in such a way that the context is changed. It is only permitted to edit material insofar as it is technically necessary for the publication (e.g. black-and-white instead of color format in a non-color daily newspaper) and/or merely proportionally alter the size without cropping, stretching, compressing or otherwise altering or manipulating the material. Skanska’s brand guidelines, available at the Brand Hub, must be followed at all times. All other editing and use are subject to the prior written permission from Skanska’s Core Corporate Function Communications.


The user must at all times note that material may be subject to alternative or additional conditions, which, if so, are provided in connection with the downloading of the material, for example in some cases the photographer’s name must be stated or specific expiration terms apply. In such cases, the additional terms shall prevail over these Terms and Conditions.


The downloaded material may be used only once. If the material shall be used again, it must be downloaded again since new Terms and Conditions may apply. The user may not store the material for other than the specific use which was contemplated at the time of downloading.


Skanska reserves the right to prohibit a specific user from using the material provided and to withdraw rights to certain material without any further explanation. In conjunction with such a withdrawal, the user shall delete the downloaded material, and, to the extent that it is possible, remove it from where it is used.


The user agrees to use Skanska’s Brand Hub at its sole risk and Skanska makes no warranties with regard to non-infringement of third party’s intellectual property rights.


The user is liable for any claims for damages which may arise as a result of claims brought by copyright or trademark holders or others due to improper use.


The user agrees to indemnify and hold Skanska harmless against any damage or liability of any kind arising from any use of the Brand Hub content other than the permitted use described in these Terms and Conditions.


Skanska shall not be liable for loss of access to material due to technical faults, force majeure or other circumstances. Skanska shall not be liable for inaccurate information which is due to incorrect information supplied by third parties.


Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed for the sole purpose of administrating your login credentials for the Brand Hub. The personal data that will be processed is your contact details such as name and email address in order for us to give you login access to the Brand Hub.


Our processing of your personal data is based on a balancing of interest which means that Skanska has a legitimate interest of processing the personal data to create the login credentials for the purpose of authenticating you as a user when logging into the Brand Hub, and we will process it in a way that does not interfere with your privacy. All personal data processed in connection with the Brand Hub login credentials will be deleted after you have deleted your account.


If you would like further information about how your personal data are processed or wish to exercise any of your rights according to applicable personal data legislation, please contact us via the contact details below.


Skanska AB

Att: Data Protection Manager (DPM)

Address: Warfvinges väg 25, 112 47 Stockholm

Phone: 010-448 00 00

Email: dpm_absfs@skanska.se

Reg. no: 556000-4615



Skanska may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time posting an amended version online. Hence, please review these Terms and Conditions regularly when using the Brand Hub to ensure you are aware of any amendments made by Skanska.



Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions shall be adjudicated under Swedish law by the Stockholm District Court.

Information about cookies and how you can avoid them


We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you browse and use websites or other online services in order, for example, to facilitate certain features such as navigation on the website.


We use cookies to improve your user experience, select language, aggregate statistics about the number of visitors to the website and obtain data about how the website is being used. These data enable us to develop and optimize the website.


Cookies are sometimes used to collect data that is considered to constitute personal data, such as IP addresses and data linked to the IP address, but not personal data directly attributable to you as an individual. The purpose is to create personalized and relevant content for you as a visitor.


Cookies may either be deleted automatically when the user closes their web browser (so-called "session cookies") or stored on the user's computer to facilitate future visits to the website (so-called "permanent cookies"). Permanent cookies will also be automatically deleted after a specified period of time.


The following table lists the types of cookies Skanska has placed on the website, their function, the purposes for which the data are collected and how long data collected by cookies are kept.

Name Type of cookie and function Data stored Storage period
cookieInfoDismissed  Hides the cookie banner. When you click "OK" in the cookie banner, this cookie is placed to prevent the cookie banner from being displayed next time. Does not contain any personal data and is not used to collect information. A value used to verify that the use of cookies has been approved. 365 days from approval in the pop-up window. The storage period is not updated upon return visits.
ASP.NET_SessionId Keeps track of which inquiries that are associated with a particular unique visitor. Always created if cookies are not disabled in the web browser and are required in order for the website to function normally. Does not contain any personal data and is not used to collect information. A value used to hold the visitor's visit to the website together. Expires automatically when you close the web browser. (session cookie)
ARRAffinity Ensures that the visitor uses the same server during a particular session. This is a purely technical requirement that does not affect the visit in any other way. Does not contain any personal data and is not used to collect information. A value used to hold the visitor's session/visit together.  Expires automatically when you close the web browser. (session cookie)


Cookies from third parties


Certain cookies from third parties are also used on this website. Such third party cookies are primarily used to improve your user experience, select language, aggregate statistics about the number of visitors to the website and obtain data about how the website is being used, although it may in certain cases be used by a third party for its own purposes. For information about the third party cookies found on this site, and how long they are stored, please refer to the following links.


How to avoid cookies


If you do not accept the use of cookies, your web browser can be set so that it automatically rejects storing of cookies or informs you each time a website requests to store a cookie. Previously stored cookies can also be deleted through the web browser.

If your web browser rejects cookies, this may reduce the functionality of the website.


Social networks


The website sometimes embeds content and sharing tools from social networks. These suppliers may thereby come to use cookies on Skanska's website. Skanska has no access to or control over these cookies or the data they collect. You should check relevant third party websites for further information about these cookies and how to opt out from receiving them.